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Rawr!Since you’ve patiently waited for a post, I’ll give you two tonight. Today marked the inaguration of the Weight Room. JDB picked up the 1850 with the help of Whorehay and his Truck on Thursday night. Two nights of assembly were rewarded with two nights of drinking and the Weight Room was open for business bright and early Monday morning.

Just so you know what you’re looking at in the photos: The 1850 – boasting 20 various exercises and 200 lbs of weight – sits boldly in the far corner of the Weight Room. Whorehay’s Fancy Adjustable Bench and Dial-a-Weights (I’m not really sure of the trademark name, but I am sure you’ve seen them on a late night comercial full of glistening skin and sparkling abs) round out the area. A big blue Exercise Ball rolls around in the corner. Fifty-two SI Cover Athletes offer smiles of support as they hang from the ceiling.

We actually worked out in here this morning. We focused on chest and biceps and I am sure I will focus on whining like a baby tomorrow when I am all sore.

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  1. If the last pictures of you I got was the results of using this equipment It was all worth it. The new hair-do helped alot also, Love it

  2. thanks.

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