Last weekend, Nancy invited me up for a Christmas Extravaganza to help get her in the mood for Christmas. I’ve been in the mood for Christmas since about July…1977. So I didn’t really need any help. In fact, I had planned to start decking the halls of Camp Willow Creek last weekend, and when the plans changed, I decided I would just coerce Nancy into decking her halls instead.

And it worked. Although it didn’t take much coercing.

Turns out, Nancy found this great table cloth at TJMarshalls (I forget which exactly, but they are the same thing, no? Right, so who cares?). I beg (again, not much begging) her to take me there asap (read: the next morning because it was nearly 7pm and we were tired), so that the table of Camp Willow Creek does not feel inferior to the Table of Petersburg Drive.

Once we get to TJMarshalls, I find the tablecloth easily enough. And there are plenty there. In a variety of sizes. Oh no. Variety equals choice. The Table of Camp Willow Creek has leaves. Four of them. I use them all on Thanksgiving and I might use them again on Christmas. So what do I do? Do I get the tablecloth that fits the shortest version of the table? The version of the table that I will see every day. Or do I get a tablecloth that fits the longest version? The one the most people will see when they come dine for Christmas dinner.

I pretty quickly make up my mind that this particular tablecloth is something I would like to see every day. So I get the short one. But now I think I need something special for Christmas Dinner at the Long Table of Camp Willow Creek. But of course, I cannot remember if I already have a long tablecloth. When Nana donated the Table of Elm Avenue to serve as the Table of Camp Willow Creek, she also bestowed upon us a multitude of tablecloths. Of varying styles and sizes. In needing to come to a decision, I decide upon a runner. There were 2 runners available in long: a silver one that was very festive-looking and a red one with gold accents that would match well with some new drapes in the dining room.

Back at the camp with my new tablecloth and my new runner, I am compelled to complete a Tablecloth Inventory. I get a ruler, a notepad and a pen and start unfolding. I rough measured each tablecloth on hand and made a list. Thanks to my short-term memory failure of late, I got especially excited when I found a long while tablecloth with silver accents in the form of lines running the length of the cloth. This will match that silver runner perfectly, I thought. I’m glad I found that, I thought. So I went upstairs to get my TJMarshalls bag so I could see them together.

You see where this is going, right? I pulled the red and gold runner out of the bag. I should have had them wrap it for me at the store. I could do all my own Christmas present shopping and still be surprised on Christmas morning.

The good news is I can now go tablecloth shopping with full confidence that its ok to buy a Christmas and/or Thanksgiving style tablecloth without fear of duplicating something I already have. The real trick will be making sure I buy something to match the right runner.

p.s. Mom, I hope you like the post. I should have been peeling chestnuts tonight.

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  1. wow. i’m supposed to have a tablecloth? as much as i’m thrilled you wrote this (though not quite as thrilled as your mother, i’m sure), i’m going to immediately erase all memory of this post. except for tjmarshall’s, which i did enjoy. though i call them maxallross, collectively. i actually spent some time on that all-inclusive moniker. not a tablecloth amount of time, but some time. happy thanksgiving!

  2. tablecloths, gee I have no idea what one is what size. I went and got some in both sizes. That works for me. Karen gave me one that is dry clean only. That is only for show! No one get to eat on that one. Good Luck keeping track.

  3. no, kelly, *you* are not supposed to have a tablecloth. your table is pretty. my table is old. it has potential to be pretty, but it really needs to be refinished.

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