Before Logan was born, Auntie Karen got him the cutest pair of sunglasses. When Logan was closing in on his first birthday, the sunglasses were involved in a freak accident at Kroger and met with an untimely demise. Recently, Logan acquired his newest pair of sunglasses from Grandma, but he’s still working on the finer details of the whole sunglasses concept; so yesterday, we practiced.

He put them on.

Then he took them off.

Then we discussed how they do not actually go in the eyes, but on the ears.

No, on top of the ears – not in the ears.

Then we looked in the mirror to see how cool he looked.

Then he took him off to confirm he was still cute without them.

Then he forgot that part about the sunglasses not going in the eyes.

Then we put them away.

Luckily, we have all summer to keep working on this.

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