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Ok. I’ll get right to it: This one scared me. I woke up at 4am to howling winds and flashing strobe lights. I feared going to the window and look. I contemplated going to the downstairs bathroom to hide. I stayed in bed under the covers too freaked out to do either.

A few hours later, I woke again, this time to the whirl of chainsaws. The calm had returned although the power had not. I ventured out to see if anything was left in the neighborhood. Across the street a tree had fallen on a neighbors’ truck and was covering his entire driveway. Next door the very top of a 40-foot pine crashed down in the back yard, narrowly missing a brand new car. Debris was everywhere.

In our backyard, most of the dead trees were now horizontal. A 20-foot top section of what was (just yesterday) a 50-foot pine tree crashed down behind the dollhouse. A double-trunked (also dead) tree right next to the dollhouse fell down and came to rest in the “V” of a living tree, breaking one of its trunks. The dollhouse, much like our own house, remained unscathed.

In the afternoon, we ventured out of the neighborhood and found downed powerlines and trees. Friends and news stories confirmed we were spared the worst of what was apparently 2-4 small tornadoes hopping around.

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  1. hi love your site ,happy you had no damage sat your place is looking real good ,cant wait to see the flowers,keep up the good work , love aunt gail

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  3. Glad you did not get any damage to your house,
    looks like both of you will be busy cleaning yard.
    Love Nana

  4. Boy…. your yard looks very familiar …. could have been any one of our neighbors last August 29th (Hurricane Katrina aftermath) …. so glad that your house wasn’t damaged ….. neither was ours …. those BIG angels were hard at work for both of us! Hope you can both come see us sometime soon …. love,Eve

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