Yesterday we put one of the sample bottles from the first batch of CWC Brew into the fridge. Today, right around kickoff, we had our tasting from a nice frosty mug. Pretty good. We’re going to wait until next week and try another sample, but I really think it might be ready to enjoy next week and not the following week, as we originally anticipated. Either way, we’ve got to try to save some for the 21st to share at Jaime’s beer & brats dinner. MMMM!

Today we also started a batch of red. My choice. It was a lot more fragrant in the wort stage than the stout was. Its also a lot lighter in color. We’re doing a 2-stage fermenation this time (which more or less means we wait a little longer to put it in the bottles) which I think is going to be good for two reasons. one, the flavor will have some more time to develop and two, there is a lot more sediment in this wort than there was in the last and I think moving to the second stage will clear it up a good bit and make the final product more appealing.

Another change we made this go around was liquid yeast, per a recomendation from the shopkeep. As usual, we’ll keep you posted,

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