Aside from my family, seafood and salt air, the thing I miss most about NJ is Wawa.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, chances are, you are one of my beloved Southern friends – bless your heart – and unfortunately, there’s no one thing down here to compare a Wawa to.

Essentially, its a convenience store. And yes, convenience stores are everywhere and, well, that’s kind of the point. But how many of you would consider your neighborhood convenience store the place to buy milk between trips to the grocery store? Or a viable dining option at lunch time?

When I first moved here, I was headed home from work. I stopped for gas. When I was done at the pump (which I had to PUMP MYSELF, ugh!), I went inside to grab a carton of milk. Every one in there was expired. Not I’ll-never-use-this-by-the-date-because-its-only-2-days-away expired. No. Full on This-carton-was-delivered-when-Multiples-were-still-in-style expired.

I went home and pouted, but didn’t give up. After all, we have QuikTrip and Publix here. If you love QuikTrip’s coffee and convenience and you crave Publix deli and dairy, then you would walk into Wawa and feel like you had come home. You wouldn’t even care if you had to tell someone you were going to Wawa and had to actually say “Wawa” out loud because you’d already be thinking about your buttered roll and coffee.

At first I just hoped Wawa would expand. I’ve seen one outside Richmond, VA. They wouldn’t have too much further to go. But Wawa actually is based around a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, so there is only so far they can carry that milk, I guess. So then I tried to imagine alternatives and the best solution I came up with was “Publix Express” which was basically a little baby Publix, that could even sell gas, that carried your basic snacks, a full line of dairy and the best of the best from the Pubix deli.

So after putting this much thought into – I’ve already rambled over 300 words here about it – you would think I would be more alert when something along these lines came into fruition.

A Pix opened on my way to/from work just before Christmas in front of Publix. Its a gas station and its not QuikTrip, so I pretty much ignored it. Until today when I thought – Pix is a weird name…its like a shortened version of “Publix”…and then I looked a little more closely at the sign and GOLLY! It’s Publix’s gas station and convenience store.

I didn’t have time to go in, as I was on my way to work, but I plan to…soon…I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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  1. We have swung by the Pix a couple times down in Perry, GA. It’s pretty nice in that you can get sandwiches and quick, gotta-have-it-now groceries like the milk you speak of. However the choice of beer was lacking, but I blame that on the location of this particular store.

  2. I was behind a WAWA truck on the way to the office in Philly the other day! It made me think of you of course.

  3. Ahhh Wawa….how I miss thee. There is nothign even remotely close here in Cali. We have a couple of 7-11s…but they suck about as bad as the gas stations in the milk department. I friggin’ hate going to the grocery store just to get milk!

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