Phase 1 – Days 2 & 3


 The bunny keeper did not make like a bag of pine needles and leave like the rest of our rubbish last week.  She lives now at the end of the driveway.  I almost ran her over today.  Clearly she will need a better home.  We’ll see.  Maybe the troll heads out back will have some ideas.

I raked some more and we cleaned up the top half of the yard and the driveway and that really ugly patch next to our neighbor’s perfectly green lawn.  This time, instead of all that extra work of putting pine needles into countless bags, I found a home for them under the pine trees.  More specifically, I made what amounts to a bear trap in that giant sink hole under the pine trees.  It really doesn’t look that bad.  Just don’t walk in there looking for the Bunny Keeper.


The really big news of the weekend was the brutal murder of Holly I.  Holly’s limbs were hacked off one-by-one, Holly’s roots were severed, Holly’s trunk was shaken and beaten until she finally let lose of the dirt.  Once Holly’s carcass was dragged away, I came close to the house and discovered many things — Like a doorbell and a really ugly light.  Of course, now that we know we can do it, Holly II’s demise is imminent.

We also began a small experiment today.  We put some stuff on the ground.  We’re hoping it turns into grass. Since we can’t read, we really have no idea what we put on the ground, but there was a picture of a pretty green lawn on the front of the bag, so we think we’re headed in the right direction.

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