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This weekend marks week number 2 in bottles for the first batch of CWC Brew. We had a taste test last weekend and it wasn’t nearly carbonated enough – we also forgot to chill it before tasting. This week we expect it to be better, but we don’t expect it to be ready to drink until next week or the week after.

Although the first batch isn’t quite ready for consumption, we plan on starting batch number 2 this weekend. JDB went to the supply store today and this time, I tagged along. It was pretty cool to see all the options available. I picked a red lager for the next batch and JDB picked an English Brown for the 3rd.

We got a book and also some advise from the shopkeep. We’re going to try a few new things this time, like a liquid yeast and 2nd stage brewing. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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