Merger at Camp Willow Creek

Last night, after a long day debating speaker wire guage in Home Depot and installing outdoor speakers in the hot sun, Jason proposed. “I guess I should call your dad,” he calculated upon my acceptence. I agreed. “But not until the morning.”

We spent the rest of the evening starting the planning process. Jason wants to have the wedding in Colorado at his friend Eric’s restaurant. Eric has been a good friend to Jason since high school and Jason wanted to include him in the wedding in a significant way. We talked about a tentative date for next August, to give us plenty of time to plan.

Then this morning he made the call. Mom answered. “Is Tom there?” Jason asks. Mom gets Dad on the phone and Jason announces, “I have a question for ya!” I am listening from across the room and at this point I’m sure Dad is thinking we’re looking for more free speaker installation advise. Then Jason announces, “I want to marry your daughter!”

“That’s not a question,” I yell.

They talk for a few seconds and then Dad tells Jason he’s putting Mom back on the phone. Jason reacts as if the phone has suddenly burst into flames and throws it at me yelling, “Oh no. You have to talk to her.”

While I make an attempt to talk to Mom, she is on the other end of the line sobbing what I hope are tears of joy. I tell her that she’s gotta work on her Happy Routine and we decide its best for Dad to get back on the phone.

“You’ve made a good chioce,” he tells me.

This afternoon we took my Godmother’s ring to be sized. It will be ready on Tuesday. Jason also looked at some of the unmounted settings and found one that caught his eye. After the trip to the jeweler, we celebrated at Bahama Breeze with some frozen tropical treats. The waiter even brought us two Bahamaritas “on the house” that he said were made by mistake – Our First Engagment Presents!

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