In the Spirit

20070127_0316In keeping with that wedding theme and since I don’t really have anything new to add just yet about my own, I’ll share a little about Kathy & Gary’s wedding.

It was beautiful.

I think my favorite thing was Kathy’s Grandfather, who gave the sweetest toast. My second favorite thing was the Cream of Sweet Vadalia Onion soup — Excuse me. I have to go silence the alarm because JDB, who is trusted by a worldwide banking corporation to maintain servers, cannot for all the beer in Germany learn to operate a Clock Radio — ok back, where was I?

Ah yes, Creamy Sweet Vadalia Onion soup. For the first time ever I saw the good side of JDB’s distaste for onions – more soup for me. Laura and I split his cup. Pure Joy.

Anyway, everything was lovely and I took a few pictures.

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