I hope you OD

At work I keep my laptop propped up on a thing-a-ma-joo that makes it hard to see half my office. The other day, one of my esteemed colleagues kinda poked his head around the side of the screen and stared at me until I looked up.

Then he disappeared.

A few seconds later, his head slowly emerges from the other side of the laptop screen. As soon as I look his way again – POOF. He’s gone. Anticipating his next cunning move, I slide down really low into my chair to make the over-the-top peek more difficult on him. He manages anyway and as I see his head slowly grow from the top of my laptop screen, I completely loose it.

I was laughing so hard. That totally for real gut-type laugh where its completely involuntary and as soon as you realize that you have no will to stop it, you just laugh harder. And as I am gasping for air and wondering what is so funny, the perpetrator announces, “You know, I played this game with my infant nephew over the weekend, and I got the exact same reaction.”

This has got to be what they are referring to when they talk about “the best medicine.”

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