Homebrew Debut

We brought a few bottles of our first batch of homebrew to Jaime & Andy’s Beer & Brats party on Saturday night. It was a hit.

But Sunday it was back to the homebrew grind. We washed out 2 cases of bottles in preparation for bottling the Red Ale. The dishwasher cycles took a little longer than we anticiapted, so we decided to wait until tonight to actually bottle. We sampled a little while it was on its way from the fermenting bucket to the bottling bucket. I think we have another hit on our hands.

The really exciting thing about this is that so far we’ve been buying kits and following instructions. I’m reading a book right now that gives you ideas for how to be more creative as you learn the process and learn why things are how they are and it won’t be too long until we doing crazy fun stuff with the brew, just because we thought of it. I’m already talking about adding coffee to the next stout in an attempt to recreate that great micorbrew I had at the Old Harbour Brewing Co in San Juan.

Here’s some other random CWC news:

  • The grass needs to be cut and leaves are all over the place
  • The HD channels are now working and we can watch MNF in HD
  • The Next Computer debate has begun: media center pc vs laptop
  • The laundry room shelves are back on the wall – but a different wall this time
  • We’re fattening up SCSI for Thanksgiving Dinner
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