Climb A Mountain

After a morning at Grandma and Pop-pop’s where Jason cooked up a complete breakfast – eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits – we asked Logan for ideas on how to spend the afternoon. “Let’s climb a mountain,” he said, complete with visual effects. The closest mountain we have is Kennesaw Mountain, so off we went for a 1-mile trek to the scenic views awaiting up top.

When we were done, we were hungry.

When I was young enough to be dependent on my parents for food and transportation, I remember our family trying to take my grandmother out for a Mother’s Day meal somewhere. The place was huge and it was packed and my Nana probably ordered some lamb. But the place was packed. That’s all I remember. I’m not even sure if this is a true story, but that restaurant was like a sea of people. And ever since, I have had kind of a fear of restaurants on Mother’s Day (and Valentine’s Day, for that matter). Anyway, while trying to come up with a solution for dinner that did not include a long wait, me cooking or a Big Mac, Logan suggested Ruby Tuesday’s. Jason called ahead and we got seated as soon as we got there. Weird.

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