It was a little bit chilly this weekend. So I decided to clean a little house both literally and figuratively.

Figuratively, I had to clean up the giant mess I made of this very website when I decided to upgrade the photo gallery. The problem was I failed to read all the words in the documentation, as my attention was also diverted by the discovery that I could copy Goodfellas onto my cellphone for portable entertainment.

Once I managed to get all the parts working together again in peaceful harmony, I decided to go ahead and re-upload all the pictures i had hastily removed in my last “cleaning” attempt. The short interesting part of all this is that if you were missing those pictures of the house when we first visited as prospective buyers and really need to see how awful the teal wall in the master bedroom was, your troubles are over.


Literally, I figured no one would be interested in that boring old story about playing with a website all weekend, so I cleaned up my bedroom and took some pictures to show everyone how pretty it looks. I just bough the finishing touches this weekend – duvet clips and a black tailored bed skirt.

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  1. maybe black pillow shams to match bed skirt?

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