Bills of Glory

Since we moved into the Camp, I’ve always thought the water bill seemed high, but I thought maybe it was this county. I also knew we had a leak of some kind, but I admit I didn’t put too much thought in it. We had someone come out and try to find it. He couldn’t. How bad could it be if you can’t find it? Right?

We officially switched over to new-improved leak-free plumbing on January 25. The water billing cycle closed 12 days later, on February 5. The bill was slightly lower – 21% – than the previous month – December 5 through January 5 – when we were gone for about 10 days for Christmas and not using any water. The February 5th bill was also 28% lower than the bill that closed on December 5 and included Thanksgiving. I remember the crushed feeling I had when I got that bill in December because we both made a VERY conscious effort to use less water. I was devastated when it turned out we had actually used more. I mourned with an extra long hot shower the day after getting the bill.

Screw You Water. I’ll use you how I please!

So, the new lower February bill was good, but somewhat anti-climatic. I mean, is 21% worth no ceilings and endless dust all over the place? But I resolved to be patient. March 5th. That would be the true test. A full month on new pipes.

I must have checked online for that bill no less than 30 times Wednesday. It wasn’t updated. By some kind of mind-bottling (“Yeah, mind-bottling. You know, when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle?”) phenomenon, I didn’t check again until a short while ago.

The bill has dropped 74% from last month’s slightly reduced bill and 81% from November’s Nightmare Bill. Holy crap, right? We don’t even have our new low-flow toilets yet. I can almost hear Lake Allatoona rising as I type.

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  1. you know, i thought the ‘toona looked higher when i drove by last week. thanks for solving the mystery and saving tennessee from annexation. also for leaving a comment at easycheese.!.! i knew you could do it.

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