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The first batch has been carbonating in bottles for the last three weeks. Today we had taste number three of that batch. We decided it was pretty good and possibly ready to drink. Of course, since this is our first batch, we don’t have much frame of reference. So just to be sure that we’re not jumping the gun, we put half of the bottles in to the fridge to chill and enjoy this week. The other half of the batch will carbonate for another week to see if we can tell a difference.

We also moved the currently-fermenting second batch from its first stage to its second. There was about a quarter inch of sediment left in the bottom of the first stage bucket. The volumn of liquid in the second stage also dropped from 5 gallons to about 4 gallons.

We’ve spared you the pictures this time. They were all turning out about the same and it’s hard to brew beer, have a homebrew AND take pictures at the same time.

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