They came back. After all the work we made my parents do the last time they came down here, I can’t believe we duped them into coming back. Granted, this time the chore list was much shorter:


  • – replace thermostats with programable thermostats
  • – install ceiling-mounted heaters in upstairs bathrooms


Starting at 2pm after a late moring trip to Waffle House and Home Depot didn’t help, but we did get it done. I promised them we wouldn’t work all weekend. Mom was rewarded with a trip to the Giant Store of Cheap Junk You Don’t Need and Dad got his very own mini-keg of Coors Light to enjoy during the Super Bowl. But only after they prepped food for the party, hung blinds on the back door, set up the buffet and cleaned the powder room.

I told them next time they visit they can sleep on a real bed. I’m too good to them.

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