A Few Other Updates

I’ve been falling behind on the updates, so I recently put up four albums. One is in the post below (Easter Sunday). The others are here.


The day after those mini tornados rolled through here, JDB and I were out buying chainsaws and things at Sears for a better part of the afternoon. When we came home, I found a smashed monitor and crumpled computer case lying on the laundry room floor. Quickly, I calculated that the shelf which was once home to these items had given way and came crashing down along with them.

I already ready hated the vinyl flooring that was shrinking and pulling away from the edges of the room exposing the particle board beneath. I was also disturbed by the tale told by some random spackling of some shelves that once were, but were no more. The fresh electronics carnage on my laundry room floor was the last straw.


Armed with channel locks, a can of paint, a box of flooring and a new shelving support system, I engaged in battle. After evacuating the civilians (laundry detergent, ironing board, networking cables and cat treats) from the war zone, I tore the shelves off the wall.

That left me with four walls that appeared to be riddled with bullet holes. I filled the holes, sanded them smooth and painted the walls. I put down half the flooring and then I pulled it up and started over as I realized I didn’t really measure in a way that would cause the squares to be anywhere near square with the walls.

Finally I hung the new shelves. They are on a track system instead of the arm supports and they seem much more stable. I also have more space, so I can spread the load out a bit.


The other update I have is just a few new pictures of the Mailbox as a sort of progress report. There are actually more plants in bloom now, but the grass needs to be cut and I don’t want the 4-foot tall weeds to overshadow my mailbox garden in photos.

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