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Since Kelly gave us a shout out on her blob, I thought it might be a good idea to update in case anyone drops by. We’ve been keeping busy here at the Camp. What have we been up to? I’m glad you asked. Allow me to answer in convenient list format, which will give me the freedom to talk about several unrelated topics without the hassle of segues or summaries:

1. Logan took his first (and consequentially, second) plane ride. We flew to NJ to visit family and some old friends. Logan demanded to see everyone and everything in the airport, but slept for the entire plane ride. We landed in Atlantic City just as snow was starting to accumulate. It continued to snow until about midnight and we woke up to about six inches of powder. Technically, it wasn’t the first time Logan saw snow, but some Yankee purists might question whether the dusting and ice North Georgia saw in early January really counted.

IMG_4061The trip to the beach was undoubtedly his first and he was not impressed. I’m not sure if it was the biting winds or the snow-covered dunes or the 100s of layers of clothing we put on him.  Auntie Karen and I tried to assure him that it was a much more fun place to be during a time of year we call “Summer.”  Since he has no idea what Summer is, he remained unimpressed. He did agree to let us to snap a few pictures if we promised to get him back into the LS with the heated seats as soon as possible.

Logan had a lot more fun when Grandma made a cheesecake and Auntie Karen called everyone to come over and say, “Hi.”  He recognized most of the voices from the baby shower last summer in NJ, but it was great to meet everyone in person.

Before we left, we were treated to some more snow.  Another 4 or 5 inches fell the night before we left.  We thought it was pretty special to see so much snow in one week.  Apparently, we were wrong.  They saved the two blizzards for after we left. That’s ok.  We’re supposed to get our own Georgia snow today and maybe a little more on Sunday.

IMG_41132. Super Bowl Party.  We had a major fail on the homebrew.  After a taste test earlier in the week, we were able to bench the brew and save our guests.  Thanks to Jason for taking one for the team.

On a brighter note, we called for a pot luck and and scored a win.  I want to thank the person who brought the homemade potato salad.  So good.  I can’t actually believe any was left after the party. It must have been hidden somewhere. And Whitney, that smoked chicken came back in its second life as a chicken pot pie.  For anyone who left a plate or a bowl or a pot or a smoker or whathaveyou, they are all clean and ready for pick up whenever you are (that includes your cute green veggies and dip dish from last Fourth of July, Leslie).   I’m glad everyone could come out and I can’t believe how many people were here that are shorter than me (granted, they were all also under the age of 4, but still).

3. Website renovations. That has been my excuse for the last week or so for not updating. Wanted to get everything all tidied up before inviting everyone in for a visit. The good news is, thanks to Laura, I now have a calendar that supplies me with excuses every day of the year. So next time I don’t have a post, at least I’ll have an excuse.  Hooray for Laura.

IMG_41154. Baby Stuff.  Logan has started trying to sit up. If he’s propped up at about 45 degrees on something like a Boppy pillow, he tries like crazy to pull up the rest of the way. If he manages to make it, he just kinda falls sideways and rolls onto his face. More entertaining for us than for him. He’s also become quite fond of grabbing. Whatever he can reach. A toy, my hair, the spit rag, the mirror toy on his changing table, a rattle, Mr. Penguin, my hair, a bib full of spit, spit…the list goes on.  He’s really digging the Jumperoo thing and can almost actually reach the floor with his feet. For now, we help him out with a little boost under his feet and he goes crazy. The thing makes more noise when he jumps around and I think he kinda has that part figured out.

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