0 Miles


In the spirit of taking pictures of dash boards, like I don’t get enough of that at work, I felt it was only fair to add these two.

The conversation a few minutes before went something like this: “Burger King? Sure I can stop. If I go that way is there a Quik Trip? My car is claiming it only has 6 miles to empty.”

Yes, six miles to empty and I am concerned about what brand of gasoline instead of HOW CLOSE IS IT? Luckily it was also on the right. I hate when the QuikTrip is not on the right.

It may set your mind at ease that these pictures were both taken at Quik Trip. At pump 4. I pulled in and snapped the first (1 mile) then realized my settings were all gafloogered, so I reset and snapped the second. By the time I did she had dropped down to the zero mark.

I was kinda disappointed that there were no alarms or anything. Very uneventful to run out of gas at the gas station. Sigh.

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