Without All That Slippery Blood

The fun just doesn’t stop at the camp, let me tell you.

Since we last spoke, our friends from a far-off land called “Augusta” came out to visit. They came bearing card games and fruit pies. Our favorites were Lunch Money and apple, respectively.

Then we finished running our cables for the tv. We now watch our tv like civilized humans via cables that run discretely through walls and ceilings instead like primitive animals via cables strapped haphazardly to the outside of the house. I swear the picture is clearer. Furthermore, our TiVo works as God intended now – it records a show while we watch some other show. Previously, it just scolded us like small children if we tried to change the channel while recording.

Next, I got rear-ended on my way to work. No injuries. Not even the next day. Not even a little soreness. It was weird to be on the other side of the claim for a change. The worst part wasn’t even the impact (we were stopped at a light, so it was very low speed) or the delay in getting to work (she was nice, we swapped info and headed on our ways). The worst part was that I scheduled to drop my car off on what turned out to be the Worst-Timed Storm Ever. There was a nasty line of very severe thunderstorms, complete with nearly hurricane-force winds and disco strobe-effect lightning just before morning rush hour started. Trees fell on roads and interstates. Traffic lights were out on surface streets. Traffic was stopped everywhere. The drop-off should have taken me about 30 minutes, instead, it was two hours and 30 minutes. Which, all-in-all, isn’t that bad since all it was doing was keeping me from work. And now the car is back. The bodyshop did a fine job. All is well.

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