I’ve lived in the Peach State for the past 17 winters and I’m not sure if this was the worst or the coldest, but its the first one in which I recall being trapped in the house for days at a time on more than one occassion. So it felt long. And cold. We started the freeze warnings early and they seem to keep coming. But today is warm and sunny and spring-like so we made a break for the park.

Once we got there, Logan quickly and easily found a crew to run with. I heard a boy his size (but 2 years older) come up to him and say, “My sister wants to play with you.”

Also, on a quick break from his new friends to grab a bite of sandwich, Logan advised me that I should go talk to some ladies sitting on a bench, so I would have something to do too. Apparently, worrying that he’s playing nicely with others and freaking out about him climbing too high and envisioning scenarios that end in a broken arm don’t count as doing anything for a 4-year-old. I’ve got plenty to do, thanks.

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