Snap, Crackle, Pop

Ok. So here’s the whole story. Logan peed on James. He told him he wouldn’t, but he did. Luckily, James is the train on his underwear and accidents happen, so this part of the story is not nearly as bad as it started off sounding.

So we were upstairs getting a replacement for James and the shorts and Logan decided the shirt had to go to. A thread was loose. Unacceptable! So while I am trying to help his feet out of wet pants, Logan is trying to wrestle free from his unraveling shirt. The problem comes with Logan’s method for taking off his shirt. He pulls the bottom front up over his head to the back. Now he’s basically wearing it on his arms only, like a really tight shawl. Then he starts to freak a little as he feels stuck in the shirt. Logan does not like to be stuck. At all.

Somewhere in that panic he twisted something around and as I tried to help him break free from the shirt, he started crying. Then he pointed to his arm. I looked at his arm and couldn’t see anything wrong, but he did not like me touching it. He was fine sucking his thumb – the one attached to the OTHER arm – but screamed if I touched the effected limb.

Now, we had a similar-seeming “injury” a few months ago. Logan said his arm hurt and would not let me touch it and then watched 20 minutes of Phineas and Ferb and was miraculously cured. So my response was to move forward and give this some time. We watched some Peep and ate some lunch. Then I decided to test him a little.

A cupcake.

I gave him a cupcake and I was sure he would forget his ailment to pick up his tasty treat. I was wrong. Instead he cried a bit about not being able to pick it up with one hand. I offered to help him, or to cut in smaller pieces, but he refused. He just wanted it closer. I put it right up to the edge of his plate at the tip of his nose. He picked it up and DID NOT put it down. Ate every last crumb.

At this point, I decided a visit with the Doc was in order. Jason set up an appointment and I helped Logan get settled for a nap as he warned me “be careful” with his arm. So sad. I figured if this injury was for real for real, then it would still be an issue when he awoke.

Logan napped for close to his usual time, but when he awoke, the first thing I heard was a whimper and when I went in to get him, “my arm hurts.” I picked him up, stopped at the potty and then headed straight at the door.

All the while, Logan remained in very good spirits. He was excited to go see the trains in the doctors waiting room and he played with the big bin of books in the exam room. As long as you didn’t touch his left arm, he was a peach. Once the doctor had all the facts, she announced she believed he had a dislocated elbow and she could fix it right now. She lured Logan in with her stethoscope, grabbed his arm at the elbow, ignored a brief protest from Logan and then TWIST and POP. At least, I think that’s what happened. My eyes were sealed shut by this time.

Logan whimpered a second or two, but stopped when the Doc asked if he liked ice pops. We left the room to pick out a sticker (Emily, a train friend of Thomas) and an ice pop (orange). Doc tried to make sure he started using his left arm and asked us to hang out for 5-10 minutes to make sure everything was ok.

Well, we stopped at the restroom on the way back to the waiting room. And Logan was fine. But just to make sure we didn’t get ice pop all over the car, er, I mean, his arm was ok, we sat in the waiting room to eat the prize pop.

Then, as one final test, or maybe as a reward for being such a trooper, I took Logan over to the playground.


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