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That’s what I spent the weekend playing with. But not here at the virtual camp, over there at

For a very long time, I have wanted to use skurtzdotcom to house pictures…or recipes…or I don’t know. I thought it would be great if I could set up an online archive of my recipes, ever since I got a phone that has internets inside. Because, really, could it get any better than looking up a recipe in a grocery store where they sell the ingredients to make that recipe a reality? I doubt it.

The problem was I couldn’t find an easy script out there to install to make it happen. And I really didn’t want to be bothered with learning enough php or mysql to make one of my own. This weekend I buckled down and found enough add-ons and whatnots for the WordPress I am already using to make a recipe archive that does pretty much everything I had wanted it to do.

Right now the recipes that are over there are the same 40 or so that have been hanging around as I have tried various incarnations of this recipe archive, so not much of the content is new yet. But the features are fun. You can search recipes by keywords or browse through the categories. You can print recipes all pretty and you can even rate them from 1-5 stars. On the back-end, I added some templates, so adding new recipes will be a breeze.

Oh and there are pictures too. Old pictures that I took with this stuff called “film.” Ask your mom about it. It was expensive and temperamental. Anywho, one day the Expensive Thing I Needed to Have was a film scanner and it takes all that old processed film and makes handy little digital treats from it. I’ve uploaded some of those digitized shots to Way more convenient than browsing through a shoebox of old prints, right? I have a bunch more scanned and tons more to scan, but don’t expect any updates in that sector of the skurtzdotcom anytime soon – I’m really more into the recipe thing this week.

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