Morganton Point

The first camping excursion of ’06 gets off to a wet and scary start. It rains most of the day on Friday and continues to do so through most of the ride north. It slows enough to display a pretty sunset, but that only emphasizes the fact that we are going to get to the camp ground after dark.

Not only do we get to Lake Blue Ridge campground after dark, but after they hung the “Closed Forever – Go Away” sign also. Confused, we drive around in circles in the day use parking area and then decide to go back and try reading the sign again – in case we misunderstood. No changes. In fact, the sign poster had affixed the sign to a large metal barricade to heighten its drama and effectiveness.

With a sense of impending doom and gloom, I pull out my Cherokee National Forest map and search for the next pink triangle of hope. Morganton Point. For a moment, the scene resembles a real-life action flick with a map and an unknown treasure and a sense of excitement. Then Ben pulls out his GPS and calls me on his cell phone and we drive a few miles to the next campground.

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