Because, if they were “milestones” they should be spaced out a little more; don’t you think?

Remember way back to last week when we were celebrating The Great Rollover?

Old news.

IMG_4613Saturday, Logan tried some rice cereal for the first time. He seemed to like it just fine except for the fact that it took waaaay too long. He would snack on his bib between mouthfuls. Grandma, Grampy Kurtz and Auntie Karen joined in the fun by watching on the webcam. It was a big ole Saturday Morning Cereal Party and, as usual, Logan was the Big Star.

Yesterday, with Daylight Savings Time, we got off to a late start, so we decided to skip the cereal. Back on track today, we tried again. Logan still likes it. And still enjoys a side of bib with his cereal. He also would really like to hold the spoon and shove it down his throat. I guess he can’t seem to get his fingers in there far enough – though not for lack of trying.

As I was cleaning the kitchen after today’s feast, I noticed some marks on the spoon. Of course, I showed Daddy, but didn’t think much of it other than it proved the doctor did feel something in his gums at his checkup last week. Not that we doubted her with her medical school degree and all. But, you know, the proof is in the pudding, or the rice cereal, as it were.


Later on, Logan’s cheeks looked particularly flushed and he was fussy right after waking up from a nap and then still fussy after eating. Jason reminded me that the doctor said teething might cause a low-grade fever. We took his temperature and he was fine. Somewhere around this point I decided to see if I could get a peek inside. That’s when I found the TEETH.

Well, tooth, really. Mr. Bottom Front Right has poked his head out. So, technically, its only TOOTH, but you can see his buddy, Mr. Bottom Front Left is not far behind. Well, I can see. You can’t see much in these awful pictures that we took. But go ahead and take a look. You can at least see Mr. BFR in one or two of the pictures. Enjoy.

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