It May Be Time for a Post

I don’t feel all that busy until I turn around one day and realize I have a month’s worth of pictures still on my camera. So here’s what we’ve been up to.

IMG_5098 We have a little bunny friend who comes to visit almost every night. While we’re inside dining on burgers and whatnot, our little vegetarian buddy is out there enjoying a buffet of wild leaves and weeds in our backyard. Sometimes he comes right up to the patio and we’ve tried to get Logan to check him out, but mostly Logan just wants to hear the noise his hand makes slamming the glass of the back door.

IMG_5149Our friend, Princess Sydney, turned two. She invited us to her party at Monkey Joe’s, where they have big inflatable things on which small people jump and slide. Logan was a little too small for the jumping and sliding, but he did give Sydney a pink tutu and magic wand for a gift. I think she likes them.

IMG_5227Most weekends we spend dragging Logan to stores he’s not interested in – like Lowes and BJs – and then restaurants where he can’t eat any of the food. Generally, he’s a pretty good sport about all this, so last weekend we decided to make a stop at a place a little more up his alley – Woodstock Park. I’m not sure if that’s it official name, but its a little park right in downtown Woodstock. They have little concerts there in the summer and some benches and stuff. Not super exciting, but if you’ve got a blanket to keep you off the scratchy grass and a dad to climb on…best. place. ever.

IMG_5254Then Matthew turned one. We went to his party at his house. He had a sandbox, which, it turns out, Logan loves. Grass – bad, sand – good. That’s my boy! Can’t wait to go to the beach in July!

IMG_5262We finally planted some things in our buckets: tomatoes, jalapenos, blueberries and blackberries. The jalapenos are off to a rough start. I think we over-watered them and waited too long to plant them. If they don’t start perking up by the weekend, they will be replaced. We’ll keep you posted because we’re in a pretty heated competition with some backyard farmers in the Garden State. BRING IT JERSEY!

IMG_5271And most recently, we welcomed Tyler. It feels like we’ve been waiting for Tyler to make his appearance forever. Tyler’s daddy and Logan’s daddy are BFFs, so we’re expecting the same for Logan and Tyler since they are only six months apart. Of course, those six months are huge right now, but before long we’re sure they will be running around and getting into all kinds of trouble together. Congrats to George, Paulla and Deborah on the newest addition to their family.

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