Good Night

Hey, sorry, I would have stopped in earlier to say, “hi,” but I’ve been stuck at the sink washing dishes all night. The dishwasher broke.

Ken, The Appliance Technician, says that I put too much soap in there. And, in addition to that, the pump is leaking. He will bring back a new pump tomorrow and I will go on a low-lather diet.

On a side note, remember when someone typed in ALL CAPS and you were all, “Wow! That’s annoying. It feels like he’s yelling at me.” Now they are typing things like this: “people r gonna b all over this song bcuz of guitar hero 3” and don’t you wonder how it could possibly get worse?

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  1. seems like one thing after another at the Camp!
    My email isn’t working! That I can live with. The dishwasher not working now thats another thing!

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