Chair Rail Molding

20071116_1075 We will officially unveil our latest home improvement project at tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Feast, but I’ve included a sneak peek here for the 301,139,935 Americans who will be giving thanks at a Camp other than Willow Creek.

The project was installing chair rail molding and “those little squares” as Jason and I call them. Others might use fancy terms like “wainscoting” which I always thought referred to having some kind of actual paneling from the chair rail down, but according to Wikipedia, the material isn’t really important, its the idea of covering the lower half of the wall. Well, that’s what we did, albeit, mostly with paint.

First I painted some test spots for the top half of the walls with the two cans of unopened paint I had on hand. After buying a 10-inch miter saw (with stand!) and miles of molding, I thought it was important to be frugal and use paint we already had on hand. Actually, I didn’t want to look at 400 swatches of color in the paint store only to get it home and have it look nothing like it did in the store. So I painted a big square of each and Oolong beat out Rope handsdown to become the official color of the Dining Room.

IMG_1391You might recognize Oolong from another CWC project that I like to call “Operation Remove Pink From Master Bath Before We Have to Actually Shower Here.” It was my first solo painting project, and you can tell, but it wasn’t Oolong’s fault. And Oolong had a perfectly good second can just begging to be properly applied to a wall and shown off pro udly.

Thanksgiving is your day, Oolong.

So, ok, I painted the wall while Jason cut all the molding. Then he came back in and we started putting it up on the wall. As soon as the first piece was nailed to the wall, we could tell it was going to turn out really cool. Woot!

But then the fun woodworking, Bob Villa part of the project was over and the painting the white part of the wall part of the project began. Wow – white semi-glosses are hard to paint. I thought I was going to be sitting on the floor still painting while everyone enjoyed Turkey dinner.

Eventually, it was over and I cleaned up the room and put everything back. We’re both really happy with how it came out. I want to put chair rails in every room. Even rooms with no chairs! Jason wants to get back to playing his new video game.

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