Camp Willow Creek

We closed on Tuesday. My parents showed up on Thursday. They drove 14 hours in an electrican’s van. They brought decor-line recepticles and switches for the whole house. They brought recess lights. They brought cut-in boxes and wire.

Five days later, we’ve accomplished the following:

  • replaced 2 old ceiling fans in media room with 1 new fan and 4 recessed lights.
  • replaced 1 ceiling mount fixture in laundry room with 2 recessed lights
  • added 2 dedicated electrical circuits to media room for computers
  • pulled 19 network cables from storage closet in garage to all 4 bedrooms and media room
  • installed recessed light in 1 master bedroom closet
  • replaced ceiling fan in master bedroom
  • replaced red bulb with white in master bath
  • rewired ceiling fan in front bedroom
  • replaced fixture in back left bedroom with ceiling fan
  • added light and outlet in garage storage closet
  • installed photosensor on front outdoor fixture
  • replaced existing switches and recepticles with decor line
  • installed A/C circuit for window A/C unit
  • tested and labled panel box in garage

We also managed to host a BBQ using our brand new grill, curtesey of CP.

The catch is that even though we closed on Tuesday, we’re not set to move into here for another 2 weeks or so. So there’s no furniture. We were sleeping on airmattresses. I brought over all our camping gear from the summer to help us get by – hence Camp Willow Creek.

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