New Lens

I made the switch to DLSR in November 2007. At the time, I decided to go with the same brand SLR so I could “re-use” the lenses I already have. That served me well, for a while.

Then my sister bought a DLSR. Same one that I had. Only, she got the kit that came with a lens or two. I liked that lens. A lot. So I ordered one on Ebay and I was very happy…for a while.

Last Easter, I was taking some pictures of newly bloomed tulips in front of my parents house and the auto focus wouldn’t do anything. I messed with the lens all day long to no avail.

Since the lens still “worked,” I continued to use it with manual focus. My lack of speed and accuracy became more and more evident as my 2-year-old got harder and harder to photograph. So, with a summertime trip to NJ planned and free photobook coupon in my mom’s hands, I decided to take the plunge and go ahead and replace that broken lens.

Hooray for Auto Focus.

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