A few weeks ago, Logan found out we were going to the circus. Grandma told him. Then I showed him some books about Dumbo to help explain what a circus is. He was excited.

Then last Tuesday, Grandma came back and reminded Logan about the circus. Now he was really excited, knowing what a circus is and all.

The next 3 days we spent explaining how long 3 days, 2 days and 1 day are.

Friday morning, Logan woke up in the usual way and while we were getting dressed, he seemed to have no anticipation for the day’s events. So I asked. “Do you know where we are going today, Logan?”


Of course. But first we had to have pancakes and drive awhile. Thank goodness it was a 10:30am show.

When we got there, Logan was pretty excited. We found our seats and they were great and he seemed pretty happy. As we got settled in, some clowns were performing nearby and on the stage and Logan thought it was kinda cool. When the show first got underway, however, Logan seemed a little overwhelmed. He kept looking down at his fingers and not really watching much of what was going on. After a few minutes, he realized that the elephants and acrobats were a little more interesting than his fingers and he really got into it.

When we got home, Logan took a nap that lasted almost 3 hours and when he awoke, the first thing he said to me was “Go circus?”

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